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Increase your Art Awareness at the Singapore Art Festival


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Speaking of air cons, did you know that there’s a type of art that can melt if not properly stored in an air-conditioned room? An encaustic painting, which is made using wax-based paint, can easily melt if left alone over the summer without proper cooling. Of course, there are others too besides this one that requires proper cooling to remain undamaged.


This coming month of April, if you decide to participate in the annual Singapore Arts Festival, you can discover various other types of arts and artworks that require

specific conditions to stay in top shape.


The Art Festival is one of the most significant art events in the region, which features both performing (theatre, music, dance) and visual arts. Originally managed by the

National Arts Council, Singapore Arts Festival is now independently managed by the Arts House Limited with Ong Keng Sen at the helm.


Months prior the festival, a public engagement initiative called the Open, Participate, Enrich, Negotiate or the O.P.E.N. is conducted to bring to the public awareness and understanding about the art exhibits and performances that will be acted out.




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